Testimonials / Experts

Orthodontist Mike Mew from London (UK) on his impressions from the 2015.

Dr. Mew did a presentation about forward head posture and he was surprised by the existing ideas and research efforts undertaken by AtlasPROfilax.

Atlas Profilax practitioners said this is a one-time treatment to gently install the Atlas to its proper position. They are so confident the vast majority of people will not need further adjustment, that they do not charge for any further exams or adjustment if it becomes necessary. This "guarantee" is backed by all licensed Atlas Profilax practitioners.

Doctors share their AtlasPROfilax experience

Dr. Stacy Pool is still pain free 2 years after the AtlasPROfilax treatment and her body is more flexible.

Dr. Francesco explains how this method is very unique.

Dr. Nancy Grubb shares how her TMJ is completely gone.

The best part about AtlasPROfilax is that it's a one-time treatment, says Dr. Lamb who felt amazing instantly after the treatment. He doesn't have a headache anymore and feels more energized.

Dr. Richard Carpenos had a profound difference in the mechanics of his neck and overall health, as well as his range of motion improved drastically.

Dr. Frank Zolli, founding dean of the University of Bridgeport, College of Chiropractic, describes how his range of motion improved 100%. American actor, Andrew Keegan, has a euphoric feeling and is very impressed with the AtlasPROfilax results.

Atlasprofilax treatment - My experience


"Hi guys, my family and I recently had the Atlasprofilax treatment over the weekend and I would love to share with you my experience.

The Atlasprofilax treatment(i'll now refer to as just the treatment) is a method of correcting the position of your Atlas, the top bone in your spine. The atlas is reportedly out of place from birth/before birth(children born through C-section have been apparently been observed to have their atlas out of place). This can cause a myriad of problems from neck ache to sciatica, from depression to an out of control temper, digestion problems and concentration.

Flexibility problems, joint pain, poor immune system, poor eye sight even blindness. Still the list goes on, I couldn't justify not using a new paragraph! But on a serious note, there seems to be a benefit to having this treatment for every human being sharing this planet(Sounding like a hippy is not a side effect, don't worry).

As I can see, the treatment works in 2 ways. 1st by allowing the spine to go back to it's original and the bodies prefered position. Imagine hanging a chain from the top link down, if you turn the top link the rest of the chain will turn too. If you turned the lower links back into the old position before you turned the top link, they will inevitably begin to turn as soon as you stop holding them. Unfortunately almost all work done on the spine is started in the wrong way, for the spine to be in it's correct position, the 1st Cervical vertebrae must be in place, otherwise any work done on the spine will give at best only temporary relief.

The 2nd way in which the treatment works is by taking any possible unwanted pressure on your nerves right from the top of your spine 1st. Seeing as information from the brain must travel from the brain and down through the nerves in your spine, it makes perfect sense to treat this area before attempting much else on the lower. Taking pressure off the trapped nerves allows them to function properly. This means you can experience pain relief which is usually instant, noticable seconds after the Atlas is corrected! Improvements in all of your senses would not be unusual, 3 days after the treatment I cannot believe how sharp my hearing and eyesight have become and my wife no longer needs her glasses to read! Apparently her hearing has not improved as she still doesn't listen to anything I say...

There are so many benefits and reasons to have this treatment it can seem unreal when someone speaks about it. Any skepticism I held before hand has been put to rest.

Personally I have experienced the following;

  • Neck Pain - gone
  • Back pain, around the spine - 60% better
  • Back pain, muscular, old injuries etc - 60% better
  • Increased range of movement in my neck
  • Joint pain - gone! Feels like all my joints have been oiled!
  • Morning headaches, completely gone
  • Improved vision
  • Pain behind right eye - gone
  • Waking up much earlier and feeling much more refreshed.
  • Feeling happier! I feel fantastic physicaly and emotionaly!
  • Less stress and much better stress management, this feels fantastic
  • improved digestion and much better bowel movements
  • Better breathing, through better posture my organs have more space!

There are other things but these are certainley the major benefits I have experienced so far. I am also aware of old injuries as a dull ache while they're healing, this is nothing compared to how uncomfortable I can be simply sitting down or trying to get to sleep. I have slept like a baby since I have had this treatment!

I am an athlete and I will be returning to training tomorrow after a short break due to illness (that has cleared up since having the treatment) and I cannot wait to see and feel the changes in my workouts.

I feel like I've been typing forever so I'll just put this information out there and hopefully it will benefit others, I'll try to answer any questions, feel free to post them here so others can see the answer but if you would prefer just send me a private message."