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Our Specialist

My name is Snjezana Unuk and I am one of the 500 AtlasPROfilax® specialists in the world.

Educated and certified by the Atlas Academy ®, Switzerland, SA CH 3960 Sierra and fully trained and qualified as an Atlas expert in 2011. My qualifications as an Atlasprof spec. are certified by the Atlas Academy® in Switzerland by RC Schümperli.

I have treated hundreds of patients from all over Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. I clam from experience that this method can be used to treat everyone (with 100% certainty), regardless of any health condition, and that no one’s issues got aggravated. Sometimes the body is damaged to a point where the improvement is minimal, but the success rate of the therapy is at 93%.

For the past year, apart from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, I have been working in Austria, Latvia and Ireland.

Discover how the realignment of the Atlas vertebra can solve your headaches, migraines, vertigo, whiplash, neck and back pain and many other ailments.

How did I become an Atlas specialist?

My search for health started with a nasty traumatic fall when I was 20, which I barely survived. For 30 years I searched for something that could improve my health, knowing that my body could function much better.

While seeking health, I started researching alternative methods, which made tremendous changes in my life. I did yoga, massage, biotherapy, studied Ayurveda, never giving up the search for the best solution for my first ailment, knowing that it was out there and that it is also very important for the health of other people.

Looking for someone to align my Atlas, I underwent many therapies and methods which promised a lot but never delivered. I went to chiropractors, masseuses and everyone who wanted to help me, but with minimal results.

A friend recommended a treatment in Switzerland. Before that I had a limp and groin pain. The left side of my body was completely cold (I felt like there was ice in my bones), and my posture was bad since childhood. I was very sceptical about the treatment and I must admit, that it looked a bit odd.

Alignment with a machine
while sitting was scary.,,..

After Mr. Rene Schümperli adjusted my C1 vertebra into its proper position, I felt great relief and in that moment, I knew that something had happened. After the correction, I experienced great improvements: head flexibility with an enviable rotation capability, relief when walking (after half an hour, the pain in my groin was gone and never returned), I fixed my posture without any issues (with exercise, of course) and my body was freed of tension. It was no longer heavy, I felt like I was flying! The cold feeling on the left side of my body was lessened (it disappeared completely only after 4 months).

“Before my atlas was adjusted, I also suffered from knee pain. I discovered that the reason was my pelvis being disbalanced, which caused pressure on my knee. My feet were a bit flat and I sometimes had headaches. I must admit that I am a much better skier now and my performance in other physical activities has improved largely. I have much more energy in my work and I am better at handling stress. My headaches never returned.

After my atlas was adjusted, I was curious whether my pelvis came into balance as a result. A few months after the treatment I had it checked and the doctor confirmed that, indeed it was balanced. And it shows in my body, I feel reborn. It would not be an overstatement to say that I felt worse in my 20s than now.

Other people also got impressive results,
so I decided that I had to learn
this amazing treatment and method.

I have also been involved with other alternative methods for 30 years, researching ways to help myself and other people to improve their health.

  • A diploma as AtlasPROfilax specialist, AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland® – René C. Schümperli
  • A diploma from well renowned healer Zdenko Domančić
  • A diploma as a „Yoga in daily life“ instructor
  • A therapist’s diploma from the Ayurvedic college in India
  • A diploma as FengShui consultant
  • Magnetic Cupping Therapies 2017 Obus - Ireland

The acquired knowledge is backed up by a considerable amount of practice and many years of experience in helping people.

„One gram of practice (personal experience) is worth more than a ton of knowledge“

Albert Einstein

Our Office

Our office is located near the centre of Dublin, in 183 Rathmines Road Lower, Dublin 6.

We are located on the opposite side of the Swan Shopping centre. Our office is easily reachable by bus, with on-street parking available or parking in the shopping centre carpark.

The street also has on-street parking.