• Describes how his range of motion improved 100%. He is the founder dean of the University of Bridgeport, the College of Chiropractic.
    Dr. Frank Zolli
  • I have a profound difference in the mechanics of my neck and overall health, as well as my range of motion improved drastically.
    Dr. Richard Carpenos
  • The best part about AtlasPROfilax is that it's a one-time treatment, says Dr. Lamb. I haven't headache anymore and feels more energized.
    Dr. Lamb
  • My TMJ problem is completely gone.
    Dr. Nancy Grubb
  • This method is very unique and effective.
    Dr. Francesco
  • I have a euphoric feeling and is very impressed with the AtlasPROfilax results.
    Andrew Keegan, american actor
  • Is it relly pain free two years after the AtlasPROfilax treatment and my body is more flexible.
    Dr.Stacy Pool
  • I thought it was fantastic. I was unsure at first but after the session I was a believer. Great service and results.
    David C.
  • Instant results. Looking forward to my next session.
    Eoin O'Neill
  • I thought I'd try this out even though I didn't think there was anything wrong with me. The results were amazing! Straight away I felt like I had more energy, my hands and feet were warm (people were always telling me my hands were freezing) and my flexibility increased as well. I'm really excited to see how my body adapts over the next few months.
    Zoe Fagan
  • My first session made a big improvement to my posture. Looking forward to the results of my next few sessions.
    Niall Cutler
  • Was experiencing lower back pain with a number of weeks, especially in the morning after a nights sleep. Atlasprofilax was recommended to me by a friend who has issues with her hips and said after a few sessions, her pain and discomfort were gone. So I went with high expectations and thankfully they were met! We discovered my spine was out of place and needed to be straightened out, which after 3 sessions not only eased my back pain but felt less stiff overall and I have had buckets of energy ever since!! Thank you Snjezana.
  • I had been suffering from horrible pain in my lower spine, and I had trouble walking because of the pain in my right hip and leg. After doing tests and getting a diagnosis, the only solution was getting surgery. Pain medication no longer worked. Although I had the chance to talk to Mrs. Snjezana, I wasn’t completely convinced that aligning my atlas could help. People get fooled by all types of fake stuff and I just didn’t have too much faith in it, but the pain was so unbearable that I decided to try it and see what happens. Around seven months have passed since then and I’m no longer using pain medication, I don’t wake up to pain during the night, I get up and sit down without pain, moving around has become much easier…….it’s worth every penny I paid for it, believe me. Sorry Mrs. Snjezana, I wasn’t very optimistic but today I can say: “my hat's off to you” and a great big THANKS.
  • Dear Mrs. Unuk, the day before yesterday I got my atlas aligned and can only further recommend going to the treatment. I had pain that after this treatment became more bearable because I of course was in very, very bad shape. Chronic pain disappeared about 80% and can move three times better ..
  • My dear Mrs. Unuk, I received a report from the clinic for rehabilitation of hearing and speech in which I was on the search for diagnostic disorders center of balance. In fact, I came to you somewhere in early December 2013. The latest findings of the last year of KBC Rijeka was in 2013, at the end of September! New results in relation to the results of 09/2013 is the complete opposite, as though they weren't mine. A doctor from Zagreb asked me why I came. I was almost two years on tablets (Betaserc, vitamin B,), now five months I do not take pills and do not have anything else to say than - great, but really big thank you for giving me back a life, a life free of fear and anticipation when I will have incredible vertigo, thank you for my children's mother returned to care for them! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! When I told the doctor that I adjusted the atlas was not exactly thrilled. I looked at him, wondering at his attitude. Does not matter. Thank you and LP